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Wondershare AllMyTube

Wondershare has released a great application that helps you download any type of videos from 40+ most popular video sharing sites. Before you register this app you might need to read register info inside the file. Enjoy it!

Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows helps you download any videos you desired from 40+ video sharing sites and put them to portable devices for watching. With a single click, you can download any videos playing on IE, Firefox or Chrome. Worry about the video compatiblity with portable devices? Why bother? Wondershare AllMyTube converts and optimizes downloaded videos for almost all kinds of portable devices.

Love watching music videos on YouTube? AllyMyTube not only lets you download it instantly, you can also extract mp3 audio and add the song to your playlist.

- Downloads videos from YouTube, Facebook, Megavideo, Vimeo, Metacafe, VEVO, Liveleak , etc. more than 40 video sharing sites.

- Extracts MP3 from YouTube and converts online videos to popular video formats for devices, say, iPad 2, iPod touch, iPhone 4S and Android, etc.



*** When using TPB please read these important notes:


01. AV software may warn about keygens, patches, cracks etc because of their

capabilities and signatures (generating codes, etc). Sometimes also they're

added to the virus/spyware database and will be detected as malware. If not

trusting keygens, patches, cracks etc don't use them.

02. To avoid AV software removing/blocking clean cracks etc: exclude the crack

or folder from being auto-protected & auto-scanned by the AV software.

03. If AV software removed a clean crack usually it can be restored

(if it's not in Quarantine then look at History or something similar).

04. To avoid risks when using cracks also Sandboxie can be used to test them:

05. Before running .exe-files, keygens, patches, cracks etc always check first

if they can be unpacked. Often some thirth party added a virus to the

original file, repacked it, and uploaded it again.

06. Letting AV software software sending scan results to their companies

can cause keygens, patches, cracks etc being added to their virus-database.

07. Firewalls which are set to automatically decide for connections will allow

connections for lots of apps & MALWARE!. To avoid so firewalls should be set

to decide yourself which connection to allow or not.

08. Clicking on unknown links can coz malware being silently installed on a pc!

09. Usually (new) torrents with extreme many downloads & seeders in a short time

are very suspicious! Torrents with a SKULL-logo are trusted.

10. Some (frustrated) people use multiple accounts and post lots of FAKE comments

and/or files trying to spread confusion. Usually they NEVER seriously reply

on comments and don't have any torrent, or to look reliable just a few.

11. In general often there are more fake & negative comments than reliable &

positive comments.

12. In some countries uploading/downloading copyright-protected material is

forbidden, but showing some appreciation to reliable uploaders is not.

13. Posting FAKE comments & uploads on TPB can result in getting banned from TPB!

14. Comments are welcome, unlike ranting, trolling, whining, etc.

15. No Promises ... No Debts!

For reporting bad or suspicious torrents

For my 1250+ torrents


To the "United Reliable The Pirate Bay Users",

Nowadays a lot of TPB members abuse their TPB membership by intentionally

posting fake comments & files. Their meaning is just trying to spread

confusion and to frustrate TPB and it's users.

Less downloaders = less seeders = less download speed etc = not good!

It's in the benefit of TPB and all reliable users to warn each other about people

who intentionally keep posting fake comments & files. It's an easy answer against

those who intentionally keep posting fake comments & files, which is a never

ending issue.

When reporting errors or false positives just keep in mind that what goes up for

one does not always goes up for another. That's for both the working of an app

and about false positives! Remember: whatever is said, say it constructive!

Let's just try to help each other and TPB by thinking about what's said & posted.

Things are all up to you, the "United Reliable The Pirate Bay Users"!

Enjoy The Pirate Bay

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