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Self Defence (Teach Yourself)

by Syd Hoare

Hodder and StoUghton | 1982 | ISBN 0340268344 | 175 pages | PDF 9.77 mb

The chances are that VOU will find yourself the victim of a violent attack at some time or other.

Self defence begins with awareness of the nature of violence and the

circumstances in which it is likely to occur-forewarned is forearmed.

But there is no substitute for knowing how to deal physically with an

assailant. The simple techniques described in this book will ena ble you

to react quickly and effectively to an assault, and givea degree of

confidence which in itself may deter potential attackers.

The author examines the various forms 0f assault, with and without a

weapon, and draws on the whole spectrum of combat techniques to show

howthey can be countered. Each defensive move is clearly described with

the aid of illustrations and can be easily practised by the beginner at

home or in a class.

The book will also help the student olkarate or judo to acquire a wider range ,o f self-defence skills.

Syd Hoare is a judo expert holding the high rank 016th Dan. and has also

trained in boxing. karate. fencing, unarmed combat and Aikido. He is

the author JUDO in the Teach Yoursell series.



1 - About Self Defence

2 - General Principles of Self Defence

3 - Applied Self Defence

4 - Defences Against Punches and Kicks

5 - Defences Against Grapple Attacks

6 - Ground Defences

7 - Defences Against Weapon Attacks

8 - Stick Techniques

9 - Offensive and Miscellaneous Techniques

10 - Women, Children and the Elderly

11 - Self-defence Training

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