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One Piece torrent (size: 136.777 GB)

This torrent contains One Piece episodes 001-600 (The current at the time), movies 1-11 and their specials, 5 TV Specials, Mugiwara Theater, and all the existing OVA.

All are in .mp4 file format encoded by me since .mp4 is the most convenient format to play in all video player programs. The quality is the best available that I could find meaning that more than half of the episodes are in 720p with the exception of the 10th movie being in 1080p. Also, about what I said earlier that all of them were encoded by me... you do not have to worry about their quality since encoding videos is one of my hobbies so I know pretty much how to preserve the best quality.


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Guest  9 months ago

seed please we need seeder :)

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Guest  9 months ago

Thanks for sharing!!! Please seed this guys .., don't SNATCH & GRAB !!! Rite now there are 0 seeders!!!

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