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<bNational Geographic - Prehistoric Predators: Megalodon (aka Prehistoric Predators: Monster Shark)</b

<bSpoken Language:</b English

<bSubtitles:</b None

<bVideo:</b 1280x720 2939Kbps 25fps (16:9 720p PAL)

<bAudio:</b AC3 384Kbps 6CH 48KHz

<bDuration:</b 00:47:03

The biggest predator ever to swim in the oceans and ruler of the seas for 20 million years, Megalodon weighed 50 tonnes, had a seven foot-wide jaw, and boasted a mouthful of seven inch, razor-sharp teeth. Terrorising waters from Australia to the Americas until it became extinct two million years ago, Megalodon made the great white shark look like a small fry. Not even the giant whales of the time were safe from this apex predator. Now, nearly 2 million years after Megalodon disappeared from earth, scientists will rebuild this monster shark.

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