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Make Bootable USB Pen Drive For Windows XP,Windows 7,And Windows.rar torrent (size: 40.927 MB)
Make Bootable USB Pen Drive For Windows XP,Windows 7,And Windows.rar
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Previously we wrote about how to Speed Up Windows 8 and here in this post we will guide you through that how you can create a Bootable USB pen drive for Windows 7 OS. This has been a raising concern that many of the individuals don’t know how to make a pen drive Bootable for Windows 7.
Well, if you don’t have CD/DVD ROM and you are looking to format your system and install Windows 7 on your PC. Then this is now possible that you can install Windows 7 with a Bootable Pen Drive however you don’t need CD/DVD ROM anymore.Also Read : How to Setup WiFi Router on Windows 7/8 PC?First of all let’s talk about some important requirements.You will need an 8 GB pen drive.You will also need a desktop to make the pen drive Bootable for Windows 7.To make the Pen Drive Bootable you need Windows 7 USB/DVD

Steps to Make Bootable USB Pen Drive for Windows 7 :Below we have given out the working tutorial, its request to follow each and every step which is given below.First of all you should have an ISO image file for Windows 7.Or if you have a Windows 7 disk then you just have to copy the disk content to another folder I mean on your PC.If you don’t have an ISO image file then you can easily make it by Nero.Just open Nero and insert your Windows 7 disk make sure you would fulfill any two conditions that is either you have the Windows 7 disk so, that you could make the image file or you already have an ISO file. If you are making a Windows 7 image then insert the the disk and start Nero.Now click on copy disk.And then when you are going to start copying disk then just change the first option from your current CD/DVD rom to image recorder.And then click on the copy button.And after few minutes you will see that you have created an image file.After that just download the “Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool“This is a Windows 7USB/DVD tool which will make your USB Pen Drive Bootable for Windows 7 and copies all the content to your pen drive.When you have downloaded the current software then just open it and select the ISO image by hitting the browse button.Now when you have selected the ISO image file for Windows 7. It automatically formats your pen drive and copies the content to your USB pen drive and makes it Bootable to get worked.It will take at least 30-50 min to get completed.Now when it done it gives you a prompt to your screen as Bootable USB device created successfully.So, now you are done your Windows 7 Bootable Pen Drive is created successfully.And make sure that before installing your Windows 7 on your PC with USB pen drive you should change the BIOS settings for boot.Instead of CD/DVD ROM you should select for removable disk. And save changes.

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