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Justkaraoke 2.02.rar torrent (size: 13.665 MB)
Justkaraoke 2.02.rar
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JustKaraoke 2.0 Feature List:

Singer Rotation and Playlist

Singer Announcement

Singer History

Ambient Music List (w/ Auto Management)

Request Tool Server (works with Free Client and Super Remote Request Tool)

Resizable Interface

Customize Announce Singer

Customize and Select Logos and Backgrounds

Auto Gain Control (live normalize and compress)

Single Player with Preview Screen

Two Output Screen Support

Key Control in Semi-Tones (Half-Keys)

Multiplex Options

Easy Search and Database Lookup

Quick Sound Effects

Hot Keys

Venue Filter Management

Next Singer Ticker

Keep Playing continuous mode

Auto play with Countdown (Next Start Timer)

Auto Recovery List (Recovers from a Power Failure)

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User comments (2)

Guest  2 years ago

any way we can get some seeders?

  • 0
Guest  2 years ago

hehe i am sooo tryin like hell
as soon as i can get a good latch on iti am gonna seed it till my external fails