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FPS Creator N2KMaster Portable Mega Pack torrent (size: 4.260 GB)
FPS Creator N2KMaster Portable Mega Pack.part01.exe
700.00 MB
FPS Creator N2KMaster Portable Mega Pack.part02.rar
700.00 MB
FPS Creator N2KMaster Portable Mega Pack.part03.rar
700.00 MB
FPS Creator N2KMaster Portable Mega Pack.part04.rar
700.00 MB
FPS Creator N2KMaster Portable Mega Pack.part05.rar
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FPS Creator N2KMaster Portable Mega Pack.part06.rar
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FPS Creator N2KMaster Portable Mega Pack.part07.rar
162.32 MB

Whats in it?


FPS Creator 1.09 Pre Cracked, Unzip and run the FPSCreator.exe.

FPS Creator is a drag and drop interface that allows for a complete beginner to build 3D First Person shooter style games. Both Single and Multiplayer games are nothing more than a click away. * MAJOR FLAW* Single player games can have multiple levels however Multiplayer only supports single level thanks to their last second efforts to squish it in to the market before it was actually even finished. N2KMaster Mega Mapper V2.0 has a fix for this and is included, allows for multiple levels in multiplayer games and multiple "chapters" in single player missions.

Content for building:


Model Pack 1

Model Pack 2

Model Pack 3 (both original and 2007 update)

Model Pack 4

Model Pack 5 (both original and 2007 update)

Model Pack 6

Model Pack 7

Model Pack 8 (Dark Egypt)

Model Pack 9

Model Pack 10

Model Pack 11

Model Pack 12

Model Pack 13

Model Pack 14

Model Pack 16

Model Pack 17

Model Pack 18

Model Pack 19

Model Pack 21

Model Pack 22

Model Pack 23

Model Pack 24

Model Pack 25

Model Pack 26

Model Pack 28

Model Pack 29

Model Pack 30

Model Pack 31

Model Pack 34

Model Pack 35

Model Pack 36

Model Pack 37

Model Pack 38

Model Pack 39

Model Pack 40

Model Pack 41

Model Pack 53

Benge's Animated Sprite Pack

FPS Creator Segment Kit

Character Studio Templates

FPS Creator Entity Maker

30mb of Textures

FPS Menu Creator

FPS Addons Pack

N2KMaster FPS Creator Mega Mapper V2.0 Demo

N2KMaster Segment and Entity Packs #1

Signs III (Full)

Magic FPS 2.3


Over 8 gigs of additional objects to build with.

Contains a sampler level "The Beach", kinda of a remake of a Enemy Territory remake of a level we used to play all the time when there wasnt any real human players online.

Reason for throwing this up, I am so sick of these little bromances i keep seeing with a handful of people every time a version of my mega mapper comes out that I told them if they bugged me yet again (which they did, this time flagging the videos on the tube for inappropriate, and getting away with it - get this on the instructional and introduction videos mind you - i figured enough was enough) I would put everything they had up on torrents. I've put up with the slanderous behavior from this company enough, and here's the kicker, my versions legit as well, i have original cds and they boast that if you pay for it you are allowed to create stuff with it yet they never let you, the forums are a nightmare, other sites dealing with their stuff does the same, and since the term was thrown at me "Pirate" heehee I know where I could go and make a truth teller outta them. Here it is for free, not worth paying for in my opinion(unless you want full version of the mega mapper) the support sucks,community sucks worse, anyone who is actually trying to make it better gets virused, hacked, spammed, or worse for their efforts. They are never going to get to v2.0 of FPS creator, each version keeps coming out with more and more bugs, the systems not stable past the 1.09 versions anyways. Biggest pack online and no funny business with the updating and serials. Hence the term portable. No real installation program needed, unpack and play. Only way its gonna be actual portable is if you carry around a usb drive thats got like 40-100 gigs on it. Works in Windows XP and 7 both tested perfectly fine. Worked across a network drive perfectly fine(both wifi and wired and both Win XP and 7), off a disc if the games were saved and compiled to the hard drive and off a terabyte external drive. Don't think many other people are gonna run a check list like that either unless they got linux. Havent tested with that and i hear the original program doesn't really work in the dos boxs and junk, built for microsofts pleasure. Don't worry TGC and FPSF I got backups to these else where and else where to that, i've read they like to stuff the trackers with garbage to prevent pirating, i aint going anywheres.Prepped myself on the 2nd release of my mapper, only so much 1 individual will put up with.

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