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David_Shade_&_Richard_Thomson_-_The_G_Spot_&_Male___Female_Sexuality(1).zip torrent (size: 92.727 MB)
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David Shade and Richard Thomson - The G Spot and Male + Female Sexuality

Jim Thomsen. Jim works with Dr. John Perry, an author of the 1982 blockbuster book "The G Spot," one of the greatest books ever written on human sexuality. Jim does research in human sexuality and teaches Tantra courses at his Institute for Tantra Studies in Key West Florida.

Topics Covered :

1 Jim Thomsen Introduction

2 Relationship Management

3 The G Spot

4 Male and Female Tissue

5 Timing

6 Female Ejaculation

7 Female Multiple Orgasms

8 Male Multiple Orgasms

9 Female Anal Orgasm

10 Take Your Time

11 More Multiple Male Orgasms

12 Male Refractory Stage

13 The Deep Spot

14 Types of Male Orgasms

15 Wisdom Lovers

16 Be a Better Kisser

17 Threesomes

18 Foursomes

19 How We Got Started

20 The Other Threesome

21 Challenges of Young Women

22 His Challenges

23 Tantra Course

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