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Year :2013

Genre :Arcade

Developer :Dilovar007

Publisher :FalcoWare

Language :English

Platform :PC

System requirements:

- Operating system Microsoft Windows XP, Vista,


- Intel Pentium 4

- 512 MB of RAM

- GeForce 6600

- Sound device compatible with DirectX 9

- DirectX 9

- Free disk space :6 MB


There once was a guy named Pete who lived in an abandoned castle on the

outskirts of the city. One night he was sitting at home and talking to friends

about this castle. There are stories about dark powers that reside in the

castle. Pete tells his friends it's all nonsense, tells them nothing has

happened to him. And there he was, all alone, or so he thought. Pete opens the

door to the last room, and... ghosts sit around the table playing poker, and

one is saying, "Who is that keeps us from playing? You're dead!"

Well, Pete decided to get out, fast. Help Pete escape the castle and its

ghosts, dodging traps and using bonuses.

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