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Alfred Hitchcock - TV Collection torrent (size: 83.181 GB)

This contains all 363 shows from 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' (AHP) and 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour' (TAHH) - and a very healthy plethora of custom extras are included.

Series 1 to 4 of AHP are DVD rips, as is the first series of TAHH. Unfortunately, that is all that's available on DVD, but don't worry - every single episode is here, though the source quality does vary for other series. Series 5 to 7 of AHP are nearly all excellent quality television rips, series 2 and 3 of TAHH are VHS quality, but hey it's the best there is right now. If you know otherwise, or have better copies, please share them with us.

I am particularly proud of the extras gathered together here, almost certainly some of which will be new to you. Here is a run-down of the contents of this torrent:

Alfred Hitchcock Presents:

Series 1 - (1955-56) [DVD-rip]

Series 2 - (1956-57) [DVD-rip]

Series 3 - (1957-58) [DVD-rip]

Series 4 - (1959-60) [DVD-rip]

Series 5 - (1960-61) [TV-cap]

Series 6 - (1961-62) [TV-cap]

Series 7 - (1962-63) [TV-cap]

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour:

Series 1 - (1962-63) [DVD-Rip]

Series 2 - (1963-64) [VHS-cap]

Series 2 - (1964-65) [VHS-cap]


1957 - Suspicion S01E01 - Four O' Clock (Dir. Hitchcock)

1959 - Startime S01E27 - Incident at a Corner (Dir. Hitchcock)

1960 - Psycho Featurette

1964 - Monitor - Huw Weldon meets Alfred Hitchcock

1972 - The Dick Cavett Show - Alfred Hitchcock

1986 - BBC Omnibus (Part 1)

1986 - BBC Omnibus (Part 2)

2003 - Living Famously - Alfred Hitchcock

2009 - Paul Merton Looks at Alfred Hitchcock

2009 - Reputations - Hitch (Part 1)

2009 - Reputations - Hitch (Part 2)

XXXX - The Thrilling Art Of Alfred Hitchcock


1940 - Suspense S00E00 - The Lodger (radio - dir. Hitchcock)

1960 - Picture Parade Interview

1962 - Hitchcock Truffaut Interview (12 hours)

1964 - Telescope Interview (TV Audio only)

1972 - Dick Cavett Show Interview (TV Audio only).mp3

2005 - Parker On Hitchcock (BBC R4).mp3

2011 - The Late Alfred Hitchcock Presents (new radio adaptations of 5 original scripts rejected for being too gruesome)

A lot of work went into assembling and ordering the material in this torrent (including a few re-encodes). I am certain that these represent the best available copies of each of these shows right now. Please download and help me to seed, this is a very large upload, and I expect it will take me a week to seed to 100%, give or take a day. Please help me out from the beginning. This should be seeded NEARLY 24 hours a day at some speed, though there will be parts of the day where my upload speed drops, and very occasionally I may have to reboot the PC or do some maintenance. Don't panic! I'll seed this until there are plenty of seeds, if I'm offline for an hour or 2 it won't make a difference, I'll be back. Until I am, it's up to you to share the data you have.

Enjoy and Seed!!

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