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Have you ever wished to go into business for yourself and found that the market had already been cornered? Ever wished that rich expansive lands, filled with nuts, berries, and iron ore, were virginal and ready for your financial exploitation? Well, in Frog City's Trade Empires, you have the chance to prove your marketing skills on the risky economic battlefields of historical Earth. Money is to be had and lost in the deserts, coastal valleys, and rice paddy plains of Trade Empires. Satisfying the ravenous diets of your customers can fatten your belly, while ignoring supply and demand will bankrupt your once wealthy family.

Trade Empires is an economic simulation that takes place on multiple continents and multiple time periods. For example, you may test your mettle in pre-bronze age China or industrial revolution era Britain. Your ultimate goal is to increase your family's power. You do this by producing or buying products (at independently owned establishments) at low prices and selling them to customers at higher prices. As long as your prices aren't too high and the demands of the population are met, the market increases in volume and profits.


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