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Detective Comics 001-839+Annuals torrent (size: 13.925 GB)

Detective Comics 001-839

826 issues at least in part

All 10 Annuals

Detective Comics Zero

Detective Comics 1,000,000

678 is really 677 - a fix torrent of that issue is already posted

Only 13 Issues are completely missing - 139,144,145,151,157,176,178,181,183,187,194,189 & 204. These have never been scanned.

At least 43 are the Batman story only - in fact those issues are more that have never been scanned at all. These are scans of reprints of the Batman story from those issues plus a cover. I searched individually for every one of the issues I have that are \"Batman only\". There may be more I\'ve missed, but I tried!

A number of the early issues are from microfiche and not paper scans but they are of good quality and quite readable. There could be some paper issues I\'ve missed.

Bonus at no additional cost

8 Miscellaneous alternate scans that for some reason I kept when I have better copies

25 Miscellaneous covers. Missing issues, alternate covers, whatever

77 Partial Reprints-Duplicates of non reprint issues. These are scans of reprinted Batman stories from issues that I later found ctc or at least story complete scans of. Most of these were replaced by new scans just in the last year and a half, so there is lots of progress on this.I found 3 new ctc scans just preparing for this torrent. These have bright colors and very clear text, some may prefer them.

Batman begins in Detective 27. Lots of other characters in the early days when Batman was new. A paper copy of Detective 27 was found in somebodies attic not long ago. It\'s worth possibly $800,000 US. Only Action 01 is more valuable.

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