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A Divine Revelation of Hell Mary Baxter Audio Book All Tracks.mp3 torrent (size: 44.978 MB)
A Divine Revelation of Hell Mary Baxter Audio Book All Tracks.mp3
44.98 MB

Please Listen to The Most INSPIRING Testimony Ever Given About Heaven and Hell! Hear the Eyewitness Testimony on the True Existence of Heaven and Hell! ***Mary Baxter spent 30 Consecutive Nights Experiencing the Reality of Hell and 10 Nights being shown the Reality and Realms of Heaven! The Main reason I Believe Mary's Testimony is it happened over a Period of 40 days from 2am to 5 am EACH Day! Thirty CONSECUTIVE Mornings in Hell and Ten mornings in Heaven! For a Few Hours Mary Experienced what a Soul would go through In Hell; the Agony, the Total Isolation, the Suffering, Putrid Stench And Torment by Demon spirits! Included are her Descriptions of the Beauty and Order of Heaven, what happens to children when they die, and the Awesomeness of The Throne of God! Jesus appeared to Mary Baxter and took her on a Tour of Hell and Heaven! She Walked with Jesus, through the Horrors of Hell and talked with many people. ***Jesus showed her what happens to Souls when they die and what happens to the Unbelievers and Servants of God who do not Obey their Calling.

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