1. Search API

Base URL: http://fenopy.se/module/search/api.php
Required. The base URL for a data feed request.
keyword: keyword=openoffice
Required. The keyword that being searched on our database.
limit: limit=25
Optional. Limit number of returened results. max: 100 - min: 1 - default: 50
sort: sort=size
Optional. Indicates the sorting order and direction for the returned data. values: size, peer, relevancy - default: relevancy
format: format=json
Optional. Indicates the format of returned results. values: xml, json - default: xml
category: category=1
Optional. Limit search to defined category.
0 (all)
1 (music)
2 (video)
3 (movies)
4 (games)
5 (anime)
6 (applications)
7 (books)
78 (tv shows)
default: 0
sample: http://fenopy.se/module/search/api.php?keyword=openoffice&sort=peer&format=json&limit=60&category=6
Search our database for `openoffice` and returns 60 results ordered by number of peers in json format.
XML output format
sample xml output

2. Fake finder API

Base URL: http://fenopy.se/fakefinder/api.php
Required. The base URL for a data feed request.
hash: hash=fda164e7af470f83ea699a529845a9353cc26576
Required. The info hash value of torrent.
Output format
fake fake torrent.
verified verified torrent.
neutral normal torrent, not fake or verified.
sample: http://fenopy.se/fakefinder/api.php?hash=fda164e7af470f83ea699a529845a9353cc26576

3. Full list of fake torrents

Base URL: http://fenopy.se/fakefinder/api.list.php
Required. The base URL for a data feed request.
Output format
Regex sample